Coronavirus – What Next?


Time to reflect

"A New Future Normal And How To Work With It!"

We are storytellers and mapmakers because of the need for permanence.

We are lovers, colleagues and friends because of our need for connection.

We have families and we have lives to live.

The global sweep and local impact of Coronavirus however has thrown everything in the air.

Historically things are never the same after a pandemic and this one will be no different.

Nothing now is certain and we’re all in it for the long haul.

Both personally and professionally we will be at different stages in navigating our own journey to process and try and make sense of what the new different will mean for us and for society – How in the future we work and how we play and commune.

The Mudd Partnership recognises this, and since March 2020 we have been developing a range of insightful and unique products, tools and techniques – bitesize, practical, accessible and shareable – to help you, your family, colleagues and friends find your path through the current crisis and beyond.

An A, B, C, D if you like, but it’s also much much more than this!

A – To Accentuate the Positives

B – To Build Resilience

C – To Create Meaning, Purpose and Value

D – To Develop Mental Toughness…

Much of this has already reached a global audience and its all included below. We will continue to add to this exciting treasury, but in the meantime we also now have a new You Tube Channel which has even more new content, including the Hexagon video for our exciting new Executive Leadership & Coaching Programme #ThinkHexagon© 2021 and our Podcast series, 'From Mindfulness With Love'. So, please visit, subscribe and share too!

Stop Press 1: "In A World turned Upside Down Its Time To Find Out What's Missing From Your leadership!"

"As a leader today we need a lake five miles wide and 25 miles deep!" 

“Note to self – Do I delete it, action it, or defer it? “

 What do I need to be a #leader in a #permacrisis? And what’s missing?

What does a Grand Strategy look like to help me Think Total Act Local ? What can I do about culture? How do I leverage buy-in and create a strategy for kindness? And how can I  be a Mindful Leader?

Join us "Down in the Mudd"  to find out in a world turned upside down what might be missing from your leadership right now and  what you need to delete, action, or defer!

Stop Press 2: "In The Particular Is Contained The Universal - #LeadershipNow!"

It's now 2022 and we are living with the discombobulating effects of a Coronarvirus Pandemic; the staggering impact of a growing Mental Health Crisis; galloping Inequality; & plummeting Social & Political Trust. So, what does #LeadershipNow need to look and be like, and what can we learn from the past 24 months?

In our latest piece we make the case for a new blueprint for “Basic Human Stuff." A blueprint that puts accountability, authenticity, humility, and truth, at the front and centre, and sets any psychological contract within a positive culture that motivates, nurtures and sustains. And that's just for starters!

Stop Press 3: "Rockets - Moon Shots!"

It's now Autumn 2021 and our latest piece is available. 

"Moon Shot Thinking is not about making a 1%, or even a 10% improvement, it's improving things tenfold (or 10x)."

And we contend that this radical mindset shift  is what we now need to drive the next phase of global recovery.

As well as asking 'What Kind Of Firework Are You?', we also look at the significance of the value of Pi to 3 Trillion places, the need to set courageous targets and the case for Bold Leadership, and how to scuplt an elephant from a block of marble... Which is simply than you might think!

Stop Press 4: "Power & Agency? Handrails or Harnesses? After COVID Will We Still Have The Power To Choose?"

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that frightens us."

This piece has been cutting quite a rug on the social media dance floor, and is a must read if you want to understand why as a Leader you must now put vulnerability at the heart of your Leadership and act with the radical openness of "not knowing". It’s time to be courageous and become a Bold Leader who understands that vulnerability is the birthplace of connection, gratitude, empathy, trust and change.

Stop Press 5: "Launched in March 2021, #ThinkHexagon© 2021 is our new Leadership & Coaching Programme"

#ThinkHexagon© 2021 does not just provide the opportunity to create a wholly new world sold on its simplicity. No, it's bigger than that!

It's a new, innovative leadership and coaching programme, designed for the complex world we now find ourselves in as we navigate through and beyond the current pandemic. #ThinkHexagon© 2021 recognises that old and existing problems are locked into old and existing language and sets-out to create a new language to gain crucial insights, identify a new landscape of possibilities and become cognisant of new patterns of organisation and that's the Verb i.e. of taking place, of coming together - Not the Noun i.e. as in a physical place, space, or structure.

And this also recognises that change isn't linear - It's patterns of organisation, forming and re-forming, and always with the constant possibility to become something else.

This is now the time to find a new way to think about everything and not just accept what is. We must not let the most thought-provoking thing in these thought-provoking times be that we are not thinking. So, when you now think #ThinkHexagon© 2021 to make the complex less complex and click here for more details.

Stop Press 6: "What Are The 'Six Must Haves' To #MakeMeetingsWork In The New Hybrid Workplace"

Our latest article provides some top tips for approaching and structuring meetings so more of the workforce feel they can contribute and share their ideas, from wherever and however they are joining-in?

Because as leaders we want our people to be engaged, motivated, feel valued and do vibrant work.

And we also want them to be present whether remotely and on-line, or physically in the office space, and be able to step-up to the plate in the new hybrid way of working which so many of us have had to embrace over the past sixteen months.

So, click here to find out more.

Stop Press 7: "Recovery Or Regrowth - Is This Not The Real Post Pandemic Question?"

A year on from the first lockdown, is it now time to stop talking about recovery?

In the Spring of 2021, we believe that it is now time to change the way we talk about and see the world. Time to listen and lead with compassion. Time to think differently, question and act in new ways with a courageous vision creating a landscape of possibilities, and here's why!

Stop Press 8: "It Is A Truth Universally Acknowledged - We Need A New Story In A Time Of COVID!"

As Abraham Lincoln said, "The best way to predict your future is to create it." It's February 2021 and in this new piece and in no particular order, here are '5 Things' you must absoulutely start working on today to create, shape, and recreate yours!

Stop Press 9: "What Coronarvirus Can Teach Us About Ourselves!"

Are we in danger of destroying the village to save it?

Six months on from the Podcast & eBook  'Coronarirus & Wellbeing In The Eye Of The Storm', this new piece featured on the global platform @medium looks at the economic, political, social, ecological, and emotional consequences of this "long-tail" pandemic.

One thing is certain, when so much is not - "We're all in it for the long-haul". So, is it now time to say 'We' not 'They' - Find our 'Ordinary-Extraordinary' - & take a 'Triple A' approach?

Click here and find out what we think!

Stop Press 10: A New Podcast Now Available Where We talk About "Coronavirus & WellBeing In The Eye Of The Storm – And How To Navigate These Complex Times"

In this Podcast Paul discusses the impact that COVID_19 has had on all of us over the past year, looks at three ways we can  all attend to our wellbeing and also provides some fresh, insightful and very practical tools and techniques to help future proof our lives for whatever comes next!  

There is also a new article and a free eBook to accompany this podcast that expands on the themes and ideas discussed, as well as introducing a 4th intermediate phase we feel is vital for Wellbeing and Recovery to build back better. We also also look at  the 'Gini Coefficient' and the 'Matthews' Effect' too!

The #FutureofEducation News Channel - Articles From April 2020 Onwards

Welcome to a Brand New Series of articles for Leaders, Employers, Educators, Influencers & Policy Makers, specifically looking at all aspects of the Coronavirus Pandemic & the impact it will have on all areas of our lives!

Coronavirus – The New Normal & How To Work With It!

Pandemics are the rule in human history, not the exception. This first piece in a new four-part series begins by asking, "Is it too early to start thinking post-virus?"

Coronavirus - Some Home Truths!

The second piece is packed with loads of practical wellbeing, welldoing and well working tips, but starts with a question, "What are we supposed to feel?" We are all in for the long haul but now is the time for a new Industrial Revolution.

Coronavirus - Coming Out The Other Side - Not The Time For Quick Fixes & Short-Termism!

This is an egalitarian crisis. It doesn't fear or favour anyone and this is not the time to simply rearrange the deckchairs on the Titanic. Cornoavirus could mean that it's no longer 'business as usual', it could also mean that this is the catalyst that makes all things possible in a bright new future.

Coronavirus - Just Tell Me How It Ends!

Right now leadership looks and feels vastly different than it did just a few weeks ago. This article concludes a timely and germane series featured by FE News that has already had in excess of 20,000 views. Bringing together all the big issues and pressing themes, it doesn't pull any punches either - So, if you want to now know what's next for Leadership, read on!

Is It Time To Stop Talking About Recovery?

A year on from the first lockdown, is it now time to stop talking about recovery?

In the Spring of 2021, we believe that it is now time to change the way we talk about and see the world. Time to listen and lead with compassion. Time to think differently, question and act in new ways with a courageous vision creating a landscape of possibilities, and in our latest piece we set-out the why and how we can Be Ahead of the Curve!

Back To The Office - Is It Now Time For Handrails, Or Harnesses, Or Both?

The Pandemic has completely changed the relationship between employers and employees. Fact!

Meanwhile the World Economic Forum is saying the essential skills needed in the post-pandemic workplace will be resilience, stress tolerance, flexibility and influence.

This new piece for Autumn 2021 looks at the "Beautiful mess effect", whilst arguing that “The radical openness of not knowing is a more adequate stance toward life and experience than believing or pretending to know.”

So, we are all going to need 'Handrails', 'Harnesses', or both, to get through the next bit!

If Moon-shot Thinking Is The Answer, What Is The Question?

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, magic, and power in it. Begin it now” Johann Wolfgang van Goethe 

The latest article in this special series for leaders, employer, educators, influencers and Government policy makers, asks some hard questions whilst calling for ‘Moon-Shot Thinking’ . Because as we move beyond the current pandemic there is a pent-up desire for change and we will need a radical reframing to do the things we thought we could not do.

#Leadership2022 - A New Blueprint For Basic Human Stuff!

Here's some public reaction to our latest article featured on the FE News channel: "Brilliant and on point article on leadership by the amazing Paul Adam Mudd CFCIPD MIOEE - it’s a must read - especially during these troubled times."

We are living with the discombobulating effects of a Coronarvirus Pandemic; the staggering impact of a growing Mental Health Crisis; galloping Inequality; & plummeting Social & Political Trust. So, what does #Leadership2022 need to look, feel and be like, and what can we learn from the past 24 months?

In A World Turned Upside Down You'd Better Like Rough Edges

 “We live in a world where there is more & more information, & less and less meaning.” Jean Baudrillard. So, perhaps the real problem is not too much complexity, but too little caring?

 However, to be a leader today we don’t have to have all the answers, we just need to ask the right questions, and our job as leaders is to be right at the end of the meeting, not at the beginning.

 So be a better leader – Be a #Mindfulleader – And read the Mudd Partnership's latest piece (April 2022) on the Future Of Education News Channel.

Enough Is Enough - So, Let's Stop All The Nastiness Now!

"Stay not where the lowlands are! / Climb not into the sky! / The world looks best by far when viewed from halfway high." Friedrich Nietzsche. Our latest piece on the Future Of Education News Channel (July 2022) gets right 'Down In The Mudd'  with Social Media, and asks where do you stand on this unregulated Wild West!

Top Tips & Free Downloadable PDF's

A Fear Of Missing Out & Other Crimes & Misdemeanours - Six Questions You Should Ask Yourself Everyday

Step One - Towards an Understanding of How We Could Be Beyond COVID-19

COVID 19 Boot Camp - Six Ways To Up Your Game

Links to Some Easy to Read Articles to Help You Through The Current Pandemic

2 Minute Mindful Breathing Exercise

5 Steps To Help Live Our Best Life When Things Settle Down

6 Mindfulness Tips for Thriving and Surviving when Working from Home

7 Ways Today You Can Rise To The Top!

10 Top Tips To Help Get Your Work & Home Life Into Balance

Top Quotes To Get Though the Moment

Mindful Exercises Handout

Adopt an erect standing or sitting posture and shut your eyes

S.T.O.P the R.A.I.N – 2 More Mindful Techniques


So, what's all the fuss about Mindfulness?

A One Minute Mindful Breathing Exercise – It’s simple and you can start doing it today

Beyond COVID_19 - 5 Simple Tips to Ensure You Can Live Your Best Life

Six Top Tips to Survive & Thrive Working from Home

S.T.O.P the R.A.I.N – Two more Mindful Techniques

7 Ways You Can Rise To The Top Today 

Books & eBooks

'Coronavirus & Well Being In The Eye Of The Storm'

Written to accompany the new Podcast featured in the Stop Press section above, this free downloadable eBook expands and builds on the themes and ideas discussed, whilst introducing new content, including a 4th intermediate phase for Wellbeing & Recovery, the 'Gini Coefficient' & the 'Matthews Effect'

'Uncovering Mindfulness'

"Uncovering Mindfulness:In Search of a Life More Meaningful' – Available to buy from Amazon, a Global Best Seller & Five Star rated Book for our times.

Written with a kindness, compassion, unique insight and humour that brings the science, history and practice to life in an engaging and accessible way. So start flexing those Mindful Pecs and building those Mindful Muscles today.

'COVID_19 - Plus Est En Vous - And 5 Things You Must Absolutely Work On Today!'

“I am grateful for what I am and have. My thanksgiving is perpetual. It is surprising how contented one can be with just a sense of existence”, Henry David Thoreau.  

A brand new free downloadable eBook that starts with the premise that there is more in you and challenges you to find it and your place to stand today!

'What The Dickens - 5 Ways To Balance The Books & Start Living'

Another brand new free downloadable eBook outlining 5 simple ways to Become your Best Self right now!

'I've Got 21 & I'm  Sticking - Give Yourself A Winning Hand With These 21 Quotes'

These are challenging times in so many ways, in this new free downloadable eBook though we chose our 21 favourite quotes to turn your prose into poetry, your reticence into confidence and maybe bring some sunshine to your day too!

'Let's Talk About Truth, Love & Understanding'

"We are either running towards or away from something"

And whilst nature abhors a vacuum, human nature abhors uncertainty.

In this brand new free downloadable eBook for our times, we ask 'What is Truth?', 'How can we Understand?', and 'Why can't Love Be All?'

And we conclude with three things you must absolutely keep to the fore in everything you do!

'Do You Want To Be 10% Happier?'

"I feel the capicity to care is the thing that gives life its deepest significance" Pablo Casals.

And you don't have to settle with being just 10% happier either.  Read our latest free downladable eBook written for the times we now live in and see how you can knock it out of the park!

'Join Us For A Trip On Theseus's Ship'

What's your favourite book?

The joy of reading & a passion for living go hand in hand and our latest free downloadable eBook written for the times we now live in, is all about the big themes of life and finding your purpose through stories and story telling.

So, join us on Theseus's ship for the voyage of a lifetime!

'The Leadership Paradox - A Solution?' 

Even before COVID_19 we lived in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous world.

Now the challenges for leaders are even greater, but where do we turn to find some space, some clarity, and bring some sense and meaning to it all?

Don't try Googling - If you do you'll get over 800 million hits for 'Leadership', and 130,000 theories, and that's just for starters.

And what they won't tell you is there's a paradox at the heart of leadership - So, find out what that is and what we can do about it with our latest free downloadable eBook, written for the times we live in.

'The Lies We Tell Ourselves'

"It's not just the lies we tell ourselves, it's the mistakes we make because of them"

The current pandemic crisis could be just the opportunity you need to stop and instead start to future proof your life and build back better with this new free downloadable eBook.

'Living & Working Through COVID_19 & Beyond' 

"We are in the same storm - We are not all in the same boat!"

During these complex, uncertain, unrecedented times, employers, leaders & policy makers et al will forget this at their peril.

Make sure you don't with our latest free eBook -  An 'How To'Guide' to help everyone navigate their way to new shores.

'Find Your Execptional Excellence & Live Your Purpose - The Secret For A Happy Life'

"Monotony collapes time - Novelty unfolds it - Whilst having Purpose makes it liveable." 

Strange times. Unprecedented times... Maybe... But Pandemics are not the exception, they are the rule. 

Our new free eBook introduces you to Ikigai and right now it might just be what you need!

'The Mindful Brain Is A Wonderful Thing'

Did you know that there are over 6,800 languages, dialects, and sub-dialects spoken across the globe and you are born with the mental scaffolding to make every sound in every one of these?

The brain is a wonderful thing and is indeed, much smarter than you think.  Which in turn means, so are you!

Our latest free eBook explains the science and will leave you in no doubt that 'Your Mindful Brain' is just what you need right now!

'A Fear Of Missing Out & Other Crimes & Misdemeanours'

Do you suffer from F.O.M.O?

Do you spend too long looking at the door that's closed and miss the one that's now opened for you? 

Do you feel that's somethings missing, but you can't quite put your finger on it?

Our latest free eBook written with kindness and inight for the times in which we now live sets out to provide some answers and ways to help you build back better!

'How Just 30 Seconds Can Change Your Life!'

Get the numbers right and things will fall into place! Our new free eBook written with love, compassion and a wee sense of fun too shows you more ways to navigate the new future normal and find your Best You!


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