Our People

"the Mudd Partnership is about more than just leadership, executive coaching, organisational and business development – We’re also about People and their journey from 'Good to Great'.

We believe that we cannot let the most thought provoking thing in these thought provoking times be that we are still not thinking!

So, we're about the quality of thinking, the compassion, principles and values that inform the actions of an Authentic Leader, making the complicated less complex, and delivering exceptional outcomes.

And, because we are values and people driven, we are also about putting the unreachable within reach of everyone too.

We are very pleased to introduce you to 'Our People' – All exceptional, experienced, talented, insightful, inspirational and authentic – Because, people do business with people and we want you and all you do to be at the very least Great!"

  • Alison Sherry
    Alison Sherry
  • Hazel Mackenzie
    Hazel Mackenzie
  • Jane Mudd
    Jane Mudd
  • Kirsty Leishman
    Kirsty Leishman
  • Paul Mudd
    Paul Mudd
  • Sheryn Ali
    Sheryn Ali
  • Gordon Laird
    Gordon Laird
  • Andrea Quinn
    Andrea Quinn
  • Matt Davies
    Matt Davies
  • Madeleine O’Brien
    Madeleine O’Brien
  • Michelle English
    Michelle English
  • Susan Coull
    Susan Coull
  • Lesley Garrick
    Lesley Garrick
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