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the Mudd Partnership provides a bespoke range of products and services that can all be tailored to meet your specific needs. Prices available on request, please contact us for more information.

Consultancy Support

Spend time with a very experienced Leadership & Organisational Development Consultant to work out where the Organisation - or distinct or interdependent parts - wants to get to. We will advise on the support that will be required; design one-off events (large or small), or major, bespoke and long-term, multi-participant learning and development programmes; deliver all component parts, &/or asist with the commisioning of the solution acting as an objective Trusted Adviser.

Contemporary & Sustainable Mindfulness

We can tailor workshops, individual and group sessions, providing an introduction to Mindfulness and supported Mindfulness practice: Whilst specific tailored themes include Mindful LeadershipMindful Business and introducing Sustainable Mindfulness into the WorkplaceMindful Coaching: And introducing Mindfulness into Schools.

In addition to offering practical & practice-orientated workshops etc., we also have a range of supporting materials, including the 'Coffee and a cup of Mindfulness' series, the 'Mindfulness for Life' series, the #MindfulHacks series available exclusively to Thoughts & Ideas, India via @medium, & the 'From Mindfulness With Love' podcast series which is now available on our new YouTube channel.

Individual Development

Our exciting, refreshed and unique, 'Being Sprezaturra - How To Become An Effortlessly Brilliant Speaker & Presenter Programme'  that will give you the confidence, tools and techniques to win that business pitch, nail that presentation to senior management, or ace that next interview for the job of your dreams - See Testimonials.

Building Individual Resilience

One-to-One Coaching, Executive Coaching, & Workplace Coaching, all supported by a range of the latest tools and techniques.

One-to-One Mentoring.

Participation in our Leadership & Management Workshops & Programmes.

Transition Sessions: 'Your Time To Move' is our new bespoke service working with you to update or provide a professional CV and LinkedIn profile, comprehensive job search support and interview preparation.

Leadership & Management Workshops

Chairing Meetings.

Coaching Skills.

Developing Senior Managers.

Effective Difficult Conversations.

Effective Meetings.

Leading & Managing Change.

Leading & Managing Individuals.

Leading & Managing Teams.

Managing Change & Working with Complexity.

Managing Difficult Behaviour.

Mentoring Skills.

Team & Board Development

Action Learning Sets.

Bespoke Team Development Sessions.

Board Diversity & Development.

Team Coaching.


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