Why Is the Mudd Partnership different?

the Mudd Partnership is about making the complicated not so complex and the tough stuff not so tough, but that’s only part of the story. Because we are People driven, we are also about making the unreachable within reach for everyone.


Why us?

We think about values and not just the value that we give and we are principled, passionate, purposeful, informed and extremely experienced.

Our clients describe our expert approach as one that challenges thinking and releases potential.

We incorporated in 2008 and fast became one of Scotland’s ‘Go To’ Coaching, Leadership, Business Performance, People & Organisational Development companies.

However we have not been content with just that.

We have an increasing international reach through partnerships we have developed with international skills development agencies. Whilst our strong, proactive social media presence has let us share our stories and experience globally, with telling results that is building real value both for our business and clients too.

tMP is now serving our on-line communities across platforms as diverse as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, InstagramGoogle+YouTube, & Medium.

You can check-out what we’re doing on all these sites & follow us @muddpartnership @TheMindfulBook @Paul_Mudd

And view our full range of products and services.


Paul Mudd

Paul Mudd

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Jane Mudd

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